Mauritius is becoming a booming hub for investors who want to start their own business setups. Many international investors are turning to this African Island because of the business-friendly environment it provides. Other than providing convenience for setting up your company, the process for company registration in Mauritius is quite hassle-free. As a result, many international companies are expanding their businesses here because it’s one of the most open economies in the African region.

Mauritius in a nutshell

Appealing & Convenient Tax System
Free Market Economy
Strategic location & Suitable Time Zone
Dual Legal system – combining Common and Civil Law
Extensive network of DTAAs and IPPAs
Free and democratic political system
Secure and reliable investment destination
No exchange control – no withholding tax, no capital gains tax
International Arbitration

Why choose Mauritius to grow your business

The Bank of Mauritius regulates banking services
The FSC ensures transparency for non-banking financial institutions and businesses
Complies with all the requirements of the BEPS Action 5
Complies with tax good governance principles of the EU
Not considered as a tax haven by the Council of the EU
Complies with FACTA, CRS, FATF