Acting as Investment holding

Using Mauritius as a springboard for inbound and outbound investment whilst benefitting from the Double taxation Avoidance Agreements & Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements available.

Housing the Procurement function

Centralised bulk purchases

Allows better negotiated prices on goods and commodities.

Housing the Trading function

The company would enter into contracts with clients directly and arrange for delivery of goods directly to the end user without physically passing through Mauritius.

Acting as cash and treasury centre

No exchange control. Free flow of foreign currencies. Currency conversion can be efficient and profitable.

Centralising shared services

Shared Service Centre in Mauritius (General Administration, Accounting, Legal, HR, Payroll, IT, Logistics)

Patent, Royalty and Branding

IP & Franchising revenue recognition at Mauritius as the holder of these rights.

Raising finance

Financing Centre (raise financing from banks – working capital lines or trade financing) depending on track record and guarantees provided