Who are we?

MCFP consists of a team of consultants which provide a platform to assist any entrepreneur or business who will like to expand in Mauritius. The main and unique focus of MCFP (Mauritius Company Formation Platform) is business set up in Mauritius and in doing so we will connect you with the right partner from our extensive network who will fit your requirements. We are not ‘locked’ with one particular service provider and our aim is that the client is fully satisfied and find the best fit for his/her project. We accompany you with our partners in the full setting up process of your business as well as ensuring that your company is up and running.

For clients whether corporates or individuals looking to either explore business opportunities or personal solution to their needs, we assist them in their strategy thought process and implementation after several rounds of discussions to find the right operating model. If need be, we involve other specialists within our network to have a more comprehensive solution and approach.